Life Achievement..

Recenly, Ramadhan month… has come. All of moslem people greet him by surprisely and glad. it’s because in ramadhan is The month that full of blessing and many reward from the God. It’s the month where the people do fasting ritual. where the moslem people do not eat and drink and also far away of fouls to do the ritual and hope to get God blessing.

So.. for this prestigeous month, the molem people will prepare with perfect done. Mostly they will prepare with the Physically and rohanian prepared. In example for the physically prepared they will buy food and any other materials to celebrate the ramadhan month. most of Mosque and worship place will be decorated and given ornament. It’s part of physically greeting in Ramadhan month. And for the rohanian prepared most of moslem people do charity activity, zikir, and go to the grave yard. This activity hopely can do improve the relegious spirit.

Moreover, If we try to think more..the destination of all the activity that is to get Ridho Ilaahi. it is the life’s from the ridho ilahi, the God will permit us the get into paradise, and from the ridho illahi the people will enjoy of the life, Get the peace and his life will more effective. It’s the Top of Life achievement. It’s because to get into this destiny..most of people will do anything to feel peace and freedom. However, they do wrong way and do anything without the true rule. it’s should be not be done. So, to past this ‘step’ is need the Long road and  need full of struggle.It is the mistery of Life..and that was the answer why should we born to the world.

it’s need to discuss more ’bout this matery.. b’coz many people have manyopinion. however there are many different. they will find One Truth about the God faith. 🙂





2 thoughts on “Life Achievement..

  1. The best moment i’ve ever had in Ramadhan -> Together with my beloved friends in “sahur” and “berbuka” sessions. Also with mom, lil sis, and lil bro at home 😀

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