Yeahhh…. that Topic, has been remembered me to My journal in Campus. I shuld be finished that case for two week.That was make me confusing, and make me boring. Achh i hate this, even though i enjoy it. it’s caused the peripheral of WiMAX tools should be back to the vendor. We used the VCOM tools, that are Canada product. Here they are..some of the description:

cimg2576.jpg ABSTRACT dsci0006.jpg
Recently broadband service demand are increase, this case encourage by various service make service provider compete to provide optimum service. This fact make a service provider to create an alternative access technology to fulfill service demand. PT. Telkom as a service provider try to get an alternative network access, which ADSL as existing will be replaced by WiMAX or not. WiMAX technology is designed to fulfill NLOS condition, and also as a solving problem in distance limitation to ADSL network.
As a provider knows that, ADSL using is to optimize wire line network, which have been implemented. This case will make an benefit in operator side, because no other fee to attach new network. Although, there were many problem such as distance coverage limitation, cable quality, and also bandwidth limitation. By that, the focus of DSL service is limited only to increase the utility of existing cable, and instrument scalability. So, the WiMAX function is to be alternative solution and solving problem. Therefore, by seen a same parameter for both of technology that are as same service coverage and the result to get broadband wireless access.
For that reason, in this final task will be done an analyze how far the effectiveness of WiMAX performance than ADSL network. The parameter that will be used are transmission quality, data service performance analyze, jitter for VoIP service and MPQM to videophone access. From the field measurement is could SNR WiMAX about 24 dB until 31dB from minimum standard 24 dB. Meanwhile, in ADSL get SNR 39-50 dB, from the minimum standard 19,2 dB. In data analyze perform by the parameter have been used delay and throughput are obtained 79,89% for WiMAX and above of 98% for ADSL network. Hence, in delay analyze which has been used one way delay analyze performance are obtained for WiMAX about 114, 06 ms and 104,145ms for ADSL. And then in jitter measurement in WiMAX is obtained 5,812ms and 6,89 ms for ADSL. This parameter is influenced by jitter buffer, and kind of symmetric data between uplink and downlink. Then for MPQM analyze both of technology get perform are 3,7 until 4 point. This value indicate as a good quality. Finally, i have finished it hoooaaaahhh…



  1. Nice idea..Good Topic.
    however, why you should compare WiMax and wireline bro?
    is it be caused.. their functionally for multimedia only? or any other…
    Let’s Us discuss more?

  2. bang saya juga pengen buat ta tentang wiMAX,,, tp tenteng apanya ya bang?? saya binun ini,,, mau compare apa yah?? plis bales ke email or else

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